Legends of Hawai’i Virtual Run Series

Registration for the third event in our Legends of Hawai’i Virtual Run Series is OPEN! To Sign Up, click this link here:


Join us on our virtual run series that highlights classic Hawaiian Legends! Run outside, run inside, run anywhere! Just remember to stay safe and follow all Covid19 protocols.

Check out the Limited Edition Event Cooler Bag for the Legend of Hāloa Virtual 5K, 10K and 8 Mile Runs!

Be sure to upload your results with this link below to receive a virtual finisher’s certificate!  https://forms.gle/sPsJ2bteYz7nrA9z9

Our Second Event in the Legends of Hawai’i Virtual Run Series featured a story of fire and ice with the Legend of Pele and Poliahu, great Hawaiian Goddesses of intense elements: Lava and Snow! Finished your run? Be sure to upload your results to receive a Virtual Finisher’s Certificate, by filling out this survey here: https://forms.gle/SdPwpnseBhD45v1r6

©HomeyHawaii.com, The Legend of Naupaka. Used with permission.

The Legend of Naupaka Virtual 5K was the first in a series of 4 virtual runs, each with progressively longer distances and all events highlighting Hawaiian folklore. Finished your run? Click here to fill out our survey so we can send you an exclusive Finishers Certificate celebrating your 5K run/walk!

Complete the virtual series and earn a VIP entry to our live 10 mile trail run details to be announced as we move toward gathering restrictions being lifted.